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Good afternoon!

We are glad to greet you on the website of Public organization of large families of Tyumen region «Радость»(«Joy»)!

«Joy» is because we unite only those parents who creates a big family for joy. Yes, sometimes such families have problems for the most different reasons – and in this case we have to help them. Sometimes children are ill, their parents need to pay much for their sport trainings or education. And sometimes if there is a lot of children (5, 8 12) it is difficult even to feed them.

For helping such families we are not guided by families which use children only for commercial aim (getting money from the government and from charitable structures) or with the criminal aims.

POLF TR «Joy» unites parents of different nationalities, religions and the social statuses. Now there are more than 500 such families with a middle number of children in a family of 4.

Till March 1st, 2013 we were the Tyumen regional department of the All-Russian community of large and foster homes of Russia «Many children – it is good!» (it is based on May 16th, 2007). Legal position had to be changed for reasons beyond our control.


— connection between the needing large families and people and the organizations wishing to give them material and other types of helping is provided


— active cooperation with public structures and authorities according to the solution of urgent problems of large families is conducted


— the head of the «Joy» and a number of active organization members are included into public councils of the city and area, solving some problems of large families at the legislative level


— the head of the «Joy» is also the secretary of the Tyumen regional department of National parent association and in this quality can participate in a number of actions of the All-Russian level – for the purpose of the solution of questions of helping to large families


— the mechanism of rendering the address public assistance to large families is developed

(http://www.tumen.kp.ru/daily/26275/3153223 http://mnogodetki-radost.ru/meropriyatiya/vnimanie-ovoshhi-segodnya-v-16-00-kaskara.html);

— informative meetings with families with the purpose of increase in level of their legal literacy are held


— work of the volunteer organization which part children from large families were is adjusted, training of volunteers is provided

(http://mnogodetki-radost.ru/volonterstvo/ooms-to-radost-provela-seminar-dlya-svoih-volonterov.html  http://mnogodetki-radost.ru/novosti/3201.html);

— within the last two years volunteers of the «Joy» were recognized as the best self-organized volunteer group at the festival «Open the Heart to Good!»


— now POLF TR «Joy» processes prize papers to the medals «Maternal Glory» and «Fatherly Valour» to the Tyumen families which have the right to this award (earlier this state the servant was rendered both by NPOs, and social security authorities of the population), since 2017 some more the state services will be transferred to us (for example, leaving and baby sitting at home, rendering psychological and legal aid to families) – the agreement on it is reached rather recently;


— in our asset – several successfully implemented grants, including, with participation of foreign charitable organizations


But at the same time there is a huge number of projects for which implementation we lack resources. In this regard POLF TR «Joy» addresses individuals, the organizations and charity foundations with a request for rendering any kinds of the help. If you were interested in our activity or you are ready to help us, contact us by any method, convenient for you.

Russian Federation, 625035, Tyumen, Geologorazvedchikov Ave., 33

ph. +7 912 924 58 15





Information on the head.

Maysyuk Elena Yurevna was born in Chelyabinsk 13.12.1973

Has education of the philologist-teacher (Russian and literature). POLF TR «Joy» directs from foundation of the organization. She is a mother of 7 children, the member of the Union of journalists, the secretary of the Tyumen department of National Parent Association, the member of public councils at Roszdravnadzor of the Tyumen region and at the Property Relations Department of the Tyumen region. Maysyuk Elena  is also a «Veteran of work». Together with the husband she has an award for education of children. Elena is an orthodox Christian.